Jun 17 2020

Bring IT On: Critical Collaboration Solutions for Success

If collaboration wasn’t critical to your workforce’s success in the past, it is now. How do you know if your collaboration tools and the solutions you’ve implemented are working effectively? Which tools should you be investing in next? Get the answers from CDW experts during this Cisco Live Bring IT On session. Find BizTech's full coverage here.


    Sheena Vojta, Manager, Collaborations Solutions, CDW

    Mike Murphy, Solution Architect Team Lead, Collaboration, CDW

    Rahul Mathur, Principal Solutions Architect, Collaboration, CDW

Video Highlights

  • Initial reactions to widespread remote work have given way to proactive plans.
  • Organizations need to invest in high-quality video and audio equipment.
  • Collaboration success is causing businesses to rethink their long-term plans.