Apr 23 2020

Bridging the Promise of Unified Communication with Today’s New Realities

More than 74 percent of CFOs are committed to optimizing this new normal of telecommuting. Business leaders need to balance ease of use with enterprise-grade security, while providing their employees with a consistent experience from home office to work office and accommodating user preferences. At the CDW Future of Work Virtual SummIT, Beau Wilder from Poly discussed this new reality that puts a premium on continuity. 

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    Beau Wilder, Vice President and General Manager, Infrastructure, Cloud and Analytics, Poly

    Adam Dennison, Senior Vice President and General Manager, IDG Events; Publisher, CIO

Video Highlights

  • Leaders are looking at expanding remote work beyond the health crisis.
  • Collaboration and continuity are higher priorities during remote work.
  • Employees will need to move seamlessly between home and office.