Dec 15 2014

Are Cloud Services a Financial Reality for Your Business?

Pricing and evaluating cloud IT services against traditional technology expenses can be tricky. It's critical to weigh the benefits a business would gain with a move to the cloud and the associated hard costs. See how one customer worked with CDW's cloud experts to calculate costs and potential ROI and learn how you can identify the factors that will help you determine whether cloud solutions will help your company meets its financial goals.


    • Stephen Braat: Vice President, Cloud & Managed Solutions, CDW
    • Tim Hanrahan: Cloud Client Executive, CDW
    • Jason Hart: Cloud Client Executive, CDW
    • Jack Nichols: Cloud Client Executive, CDW
    • Shane Zide: Cloud Client Executive, CDW
    • Stan Pachura: CIO, National MI
    • Darrick Wilson: Vice President, Information Security & Enterprise Technology, National MI

Video Highlights

  • Calculating costs for the cloud can be difficult, but with the right questions and proper insights, you can run a honest cost-benefit analysis.
  • There are two key questions to consider with the cloud: What problem are you solving, and what are your cost-benefit factors?
  • The cloud isn't about reduction, it's about finding more time and more efficiencies so you can drive the business forward, not just keep the lights on.