Small and midsize businesses face many challenges in today’s economic climate. Deciding whether to wait out the tough times and invest in resources when the climate is sunnier or to invest now to save money down the road is the business leader’s “chicken or the egg” dilemma.

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Best Practices

Data center migration isn't for the faint of heart, but with the right planning, it's well worth the effort.

Tech Watch

Staying Connected

The latest iteration short-range wireless technology provides many applications to link daily activities to PCs and mobile devices.

Tech Tips

These five technologies can lead to better asset management.

Tech Trends

Juggling Your Assets

Barcode scanning allows organizations to dramatically improve visibility and accuracy within their business.

Tech Trends

Thin clients let SMBs minimize maintenance costs.


Linksys router allows teleworkers to connect wirelessly to the office.


HP's Z200 Small Form Factor workstation delivers workstation functionality in a smaller, more affordable package.



Businesses find benefits in building wireless networks to keep employees working while on the go.


These technology tools and services can help you run your business more efficiently and effectively.


Fright Night

On a North Carolina farm, technology helps a family entertainment business work at peak speed and efficiency.


Many SMBs are wary of the PCI compliance process, but meeting the credit card transaction security standard is a best practice they can't afford to ignore.


ParAccel Analytic Database takes business intelligence to a new level.


Transportation company Strive Logistics increases shipping efficiency with the help of Microsoft's BizTalk Server.


Tech On Your Side

When it comes to backups, make sure yours are done automatically, are tested regularly and have multiple processes.

Inside I.T.

When is it time to look for outside help in your IT department?