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November 2005

Is your company playing a part in rising software purchases? ... Check out these pointers on how to calculate ROI for IT ... Here's some advice on keeping squatters off your Web domain ... Maybe your company needs to consider scanning outbound e-mail.


Every company needs a disaster response and recovery plan—here are the must-include items to keep your systems up and your company open for business.

Is your small public company ready to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley? Find out what you'll have to do and spend to meet its financial reporting mandates.

In 2006, companies just like yours plan to hire not only smart techies but techies with hands-on business skills, too. And with the IT job market starting to percolate, expect IT salaries to be on the rise.


A company can be as much of a victim in an ID theft scheme as the individuals whose personal info goes missing. Here are steps that can help prevent such data heists from harming your company's corporate image and endangering revenue.

If that drumming sound is fingers tapping as employees and customers wait for answers from your systems, then consider upgrading to real-time storage to speed data access.

FTP, a tool that came of age during the disco era, is still in heavy rotation in offices worldwide. So how can it be paired with encryption to meet the protection demands of today's users?