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June 2005

Small companies have more opportunities than ever to wring out better returns on their storage investments. The key is to understand the strengths of each storage choice and match them to the company's needs. The first step is prioritizing data according to its importance to the business.


With a myriad of mobile equipment available, including notebook PCs, Tablet PCs and handheld devices, which way should a small business go? Here's a guide for how to select and support the remote technology that's best for your company.


Michelle Houston, Payroll Administrator and MIS Coordinator, Wild Acre Inns

MIS Coordinator Michelle Houston never thought she'd be overseeing 20 computers when Wild Acre Inns hired her four years ago. The wireless network and application software were a bit of a surprise, too. That's because Houston was hired—and continues to work—as payroll administrator. She inherited the MIS title later.



The SBA redefines the small in "small business" . . . Company founders earn less than their CEO colleagues . . . Rising health care costs concern women business owners.

The revolution in data communications and telecommunications means that today's employee can work from anywhere. Is that always a good thing? Three small-business executives and a high school football coach talk about their experiences with telecommuting.

Schwarzkopf Inc., which specializes in high-end hair-care products for salons, has seen its sales double over the last four years. The company credits the rise to the implementation of a wireless sales-and-fulfillment system

Unprotected Wi-Fi networks can leave your company open to anyone, from the casual Internet-access freeloader to the hacker intent on maliciously spreading a virus or worm. Here are the steps you should take to keep your network secure.


Lee Copeland, Editor in Chief What do shoes have to do with information technology (IT)? If you're in the financial services business, the answer is a definitive nada. But if you import and sell shoes, then knowing footwear suppliers and their systems defines the IT manager's job description.