Dec 11 2023
Digital Workspace

Help Employees Thrive with the Right Mix of Productivity Tech

The digital workspace is about much more than videoconferencing. The right solutions help workers get more done in less time.

It may seem like yesterday, but it’s been almost four years now since most businesses were shut down and millions of employees were sent home to work. What’s transpired in American businesses since that time has been nothing short of a sea change.

Most organizations have recognized that, where remote work is possible, enabling it to at least some degree is a business imperative. Having employees work from offices isn’t always practical or even desirable in a mobile world, and the competitive labor market requires being creative and flexible when recruiting in-demand workers.

Beyond these imperatives is a simple truth: It just makes sense to equip employees with tools that help them get their work done more effectively, productively and collaboratively — wherever it happens.

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The Right Tech Helps Workers Achieve More

The wisest employers are leveraging technology to help workers better manage their overall performance. Using Microsoft Power Apps, the marketing agency Wunderman Thompson created an app called THRIVE that lets employees set professional priorities, create check-ins with managers, and ask colleagues to provide feedback (see our article on “How to Optimize the Digital Employee Experience”).

The company made the app part of employees’ existing Microsoft Teams toolset as part of an effort “to meet our employees where they already are,” says Vidhi Thakker, the company’s global senior manager for talent and organizational development. “We don’t want it to feel like they have to do something for the company, but rather that the company is doing something for them.”

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 The agency is onto something important: Employees who know you’re working hard for them to succeed will work harder for you — and stick around longer as well.

Meeting workers where they are is challenging, but it’s worth the effort. Success will create a more innovative and collaborative culture and a more productive workforce.


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