Sep 08 2023

GSX 2023: Security Leaders Converge to Discuss Physical and Cyber Protections

The Global Security Exchange will give IT leaders insights into cybersecurity and physical safety, and emerging technologies in both arenas.

As new technologies emerge to keep people safe online and in person, security increasingly is falling under the umbrella of IT department responsibilities. This year’s Global Security Exchange brings IT professionals together with leaders from all security disciplines to share advice, resources and insights on the latest physical and cybersecurity trends.

This year’s show, taking place in Dallas, also features powerful keynote speakers. Among them: former President George W. Bush, who will speak on global security, and former CIA and FBI Special Agent Tracy Walder, who will share her experiences and forecasts for the future of physical security.

In addition to these must-see presentations, there are a number of other sessions in the conference’s packed three-day (Sept. 11-13) agenda that business leaders won’t want to miss.

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The Range of Online Cybersecurity Threats to Businesses 

For attendees interested in network and data protection, GSX 2023 features numerous sessions on cybersecurity.

Some of these focus on cybersecurity’s infamous weakest link: people. Sessions such as “Attacking the Soft Spot at Companies—Your Executives' Personal Lives” and “Cybersecurity is Not Just an IT Problem,” both taking place on Monday, showcase the importance of training employees to build a strong cybersecurity culture. The presentations will tackle common threats such as phishing and necessary mitigation strategies such as incident response.

There are also more technical sessions focused on ransomware and threat prevention. IT professionals looking for guidance in these areas can check out “Preparing for the Next Era of Ransomware.” This session on Wednesday features Jon Clay, Trend Micro’s vice president of threat intelligence, who will talk about new avenues of attack that cybercriminals are taking.

Other sessions at GSX 2023 speak to protecting the networked components of physical security systems. “Using Immutable Storage to Protect Surveillance Video from Ransomware” on Monday and “Protecting Physical Security Systems from Cyber Attacks” on Tuesday will both cover how IT administrators should safeguard technologies such as video surveillance systems. Tuesday’s session will also look at cybersecurity measures for access control, intrusion detection and more.

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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Physical Security 

Physical security sessions also dominate the agenda, with experts sharing how to keep employees and customers safe.

GSX 2023 conferencegoers can explore the ways physical security must adapt to the ever changing workspace in a presentation Tuesday by Pawan Desai, CEO and Co-Founder at MitKat Advisory Services.

Other speakers explore more specific topics. In “A Novel Approach to Conduct Vehicle Ramming Assessment and Perimeter Protection Design to Reduce Impact and Blast Threats,” attendees can learn about perimeter and storefront protections. Speakers will share insights from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’s resource guide.

Numerous sessions highlight the potential impacts of artificial intelligence on physical security, including:

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