Nov 23 2022

AWS re:Invent: What to Expect from This Year's Hybrid Conference

As one of the “Big 3” cloud providers, Amazon Web Services continues to innovate its cloud-based services and solutions.

Cloud adoption has become an essential part of every organization’s IT plans. According to Flexera’s recent State of the Cloud Report, “To remain competitive in this evolving digital world, organizations must make strategic decisions about their cloud migration, cloud architecture, usage of public clouds, effective tooling and cloud cost management.

According to a recent press release from Gartner, “worldwide end-user spending on public cloud services is forecast to grow 20.7 percent to total $591.8 billion in 2023, up from $490.3 billion in 2022.”

To realize the benefits inherent in cloud computing — and avoid the pitfalls — organizations must find innovative ways to leverage the flexibility and scalability of the cloud. These challenges and opportunities will be the focus of this year’s AWS re:Invent, a hybrid event featuring an online component and in-person events in Las Vegas. From Nov. 28 to Dec. 2, attendees will have access to keynote speakers and leadership sessions aimed at highlighting innovative enhancements and new cloud-based offerings from Amazon Web Services

Here’s what attendees can expect from this event.

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AWS re:Invent Focuses on Innovation Made Possible by AI and ML

As the world trends toward multicloud and hybrid solutions, many organizations are exploring a combination of on-premises data centers, public and private clouds, and edge computing. Each of those environments offers its own benefits and challenges, but they can all be leveraged to realize business outcomes. This year’s event will highlight the many ways AWS continues to make cloud computing an essential tool in reducing costs and minimizing risk.

Bratin Saha, vice president of machine learning and AI services at Amazon, will present a leadership session covering the many ways AI and ML can enable your organization to become an innovative disruptor in your industry. Ganapathy Krishnamoorthy, AWS vice president for analytics, will offer a related conversation about how “organizations are turning to data to derive insights, create new experiences and reinvent themselves so they can remain relevant today and in the future.”

And Candi Castleberry, vice president of global diversity, equity and inclusion at Amazon, will examine the human side of digital transformation, teaching participants “how to use Big Data responsibly, develop better AI systems, and build products and solutions to expand your customer base and serve people better.”

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Benefits of the Cloud for Energy Companies and Utilities

The energy industry has implemented various forms of technology in recent years, taking advantage of the Internet of Things with devices and sensors in multiple, often remote locations. IoT technology has enabled better forecasting of energy needs and balancing of renewable and traditional energy sources. Howard Gefen, general manager of energy and utilities at AWS, will present a leadership session on “how energy leaders are deploying digital technologies to transform, innovate and accelerate” the transition from traditional to renewable sources of energy.

But security issues have been heightened in light of recent cyberattacks. That’s why utilities must innovate to balance digital transformation efforts with constant cyber vigilance. In a related session, Yasser Alsaied, vice president of IoT at AWS, will address the security concerns arising from billions of IoT devices being connected to the cloud in coming years.

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