Jun 03 2022

RSAC 2022: What to Expect From This Year’s Event

As remote work environments expand, so does the threat landscape. Cybersecurity has never been a higher priority.

Employees around the world and across industry segments have quickly become accustomed to the flexibility working from home provides. Greater connectivity and improved collaboration tools have allowed organizations to flourish in hybrid work environments.

But remote work brings increased security concerns, as well. Companies may find they have less control over endpoints, as they’ve been forced to allow employees to use personal devices to overcome supply chain gaps and avoid costly downtime. With threat actors constantly seeking access points to exploit vulnerabilities, cyberattacks are a rising concern.

This is the backdrop for RSA Conference 2022, a hybrid event featuring an online component and in-person events in San Francisco. From June 6–9, attendees will have access to keynote speakers, breakout sessions, hands-on labs and peer networking chats designed to dive deep into current cybersecurity trends. 

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Here’s what attendees can expect from this year’s event.

The Humanity Underlying Cybersecurity Strategies

The past few years have seen a shift in expectations from both customers and employees that signals a greater sense of social responsibility.

Organizations have been pivoting to meet these new expectations, developing programs and policies to promote diversity, equity and inclusion. IT leaders must factor these elements into their decision-making, and security has a role to play, as well.

IT leaders from companies including Starbucks, Trellix, Microsoft and Cisco will be on hand to discuss the importance of creating inclusive data privacy policies and cybersecurity strategies.

WATCH: Learn how remote work relates to diversity, equity and inclusion.

Data Privacy Remains a Prominent Concern for IT Leaders

Protecting the privacy of data is complicated, requiring risk mitigation and conforming to legislative and regulatory oversight. Organizations must keep up with the latest requirements to avoid vulnerability.

Cybercriminals are continuously developing new and more sophisticated attack techniques to infiltrate systems, disrupt operations, exfiltrate data and demand payment via ransomware attacks. To protect against such damaging incidents, organizations must stay on top of next-generation trends in cybercrime.

In addition, IT leaders must be vigilant in protecting their employees, customer data, applications and workloads across varied platforms. These range from on-premises data centers to public, private and multicloud environments and extend to the edge, where much of today’s valuable data is generated and managed.

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