May 10 2021

Dell Tech World: Business Outcomes Depend on the Protection and Use of Data

Dell Technologies World highlighted several key themes for the “next normal,” including remote work, cloud adoption and IT resilience. But the predominant message was that data is king.

As the 2021 edition of Dell Technologies World drew to a close, it became clear there was one key element common to each of the event’s planned themes: data. Whether the conversation revolved around collecting and storing it, protecting it or using it to drive innovation and modernization, data and its value were the consistent theme.

Dell Technologies made that clear from the start of CEO Michael Dell’s opening keynote session, promising that the company will be pushing their technologies forward in 2021 “so we can do anything from anywhere using intelligent connected experiences, capabilities that adapt to your needs and insights everywhere your data exists.”

Dell spoke to American Express CEO Steve Squeri, who noted the many changes brought on by the pandemic. He highlighted the move many small businesses made by taking their business online, as well an increase in online consumer spending. “I think e-commerce has been accelerated probably three to five years,” he said.

Those changes brought with them the kinds of opportunities only data can provide. Squeri said, “We're an issuer, we're an acquirer and we're a network. So, what that means is we have perfect information or perfect data. But, as you know, having data is one thing — having information is something else. Data is nice. Information is power.”

Squeri said American Express has begun using artificial intelligence and machine learning to turn data into specific business outcomes, such as credit decisions, fraud detection and anticipating what offers to make to card members. The question for businesses, he said, is “how do you take that data and turn it into the outcomes and results that drive success for your customers and for your business?”

Moving to the Cloud Changed the Security Landscape

Throughout the event’s sessions, the pandemic and its effect on data decisions were inescapable topics. When organizations were forced to embrace remote work policies, many were pushed into adopting cloud strategies more quickly than they might have under less extreme circumstances. And those decisions to move data, apps and services to the cloud resulted in changing security needs.

In multiple sessions, Dell Technologies touted its increased focus on security services as a result of this accelerated move to the cloud. With a variety of new and enhanced offerings, the company claimed it is leveraging the depth and breadth of its portfolio to change the entire culture of cybersecurity. Dell is now designing security into its solutions from the start, providing an approach its leaders say can help better protect an organization’s IT assets, data and business.

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Data Will Be the Force Behind Innovation and Modernization

The event also highlighted the transformative opportunities that can be realized through innovative and collaborative use of data.

Faiz Parkar, Dell’s messaging director for data innovation, spoke in a session about how to create new value by innovating with data, noting that “data is as old as the hills. In fact, you could say that the whole reason IT exists is to process data.”

But, he said, the way we handle data is changing because the world is becoming increasingly hyperconnected, which leads to a much higher volume of data, and that data is becoming hyperdistributed in many more locations than before.

“At Dell Technologies, we believe that your organization's competitive advantage is directly determined by how quickly you can turn raw data into meaningful insights that drive your business outcomes,” Parkar said.

Tomorrow’s leaders, he said, will be “those organizations that become adept at using data to fuel the personalized and integrated digital experiences, the smarter products and the data-driven business models that will ready the organization for what’s coming next. Creating new value by innovating with data will improve human lives more than any other technology, and that’s dramatically going to reshape industries and reinvent the way that we live, play and work.”

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