Dec 01 2020

Driving Digital Leadership: What to Expect from CDW's Tech Talk

IT departments no longer exist in silos, instead integrating with every core aspect of a business.

Across verticals, businesses have realized their IT departments are more than simply help desks. Rather, they are integral to shaping strategies and driving outcomes that make businesses successful.

That’s one of the ideas behind the CDW Tech Talk “Driving Digital Leadership for the New Business Horizon,” a virtual discussion taking place Dec. 8-10. CDW CTO Sanjay Sood will address the marriage of technology and leadership in a presentation on business evolution.

In his chat, Sood will explore how IT is tied to business goals as he discusses the evolving role technology plays in a successful business. He also will address how to present technology to executive leadership and how tech augments workforce performance. This is one of Sood’s earliest appearances as CDW CTO, and he is sure to share fresh and informative insights.

Any worthwhile digital leadership conference draws upon technology leaders who have been there since the beginning, so CDW’s Tech Talk welcomes Microsoft Chief Architect Tony Surma, who will demystify balancing new and existing technologies to best support employees and serve customers. After all, with a growing number of tech offerings, how do leaders best keep constituents engaged and enthused? Surma also will explore how to leverage AI to adapt to and anticipate changing conditions.

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Navigating the Pandemic Through Digital Transformation

Few companies speak to our times as well as VMware, which has been providing many of the virtual solutions that help companies navigate the social distancing requirements of the pandemic. In another Tech Talk presentation, VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger discusses leading organizations with technology as a core capability. Businesses embrace finance, sales and marketing as core competencies, and now they must also embrace IT as a core competency. In a chat with CDW COO Christina Corley, Gelsinger will examine how tech strategies support business objectives. 

Thoughts of professional football may not conjure images of technology, but the Chicago Bears depend on their IT department to run the show as much as any business does. In a highly anticipated session, Justin Stahl, Vice President of IT for the Chicago Bears, will discuss how the Bears’ technology team supports sales, finance, HR and other core functions. In a chat with IDG Senior Vice President and Worldwide Managing Director Bob Bragdon, Stahl will reveal how technology supports the Chicago Bears in every function of their business while the club embraces digital transformation and the pandemic.

Other scheduled sessions in the upcoming lineup include thought leadership presentations from leaders at NetApp, NVIDIA and Cisco. Together, these presentations will deliver a conference full of tactics for aligning technology strategies to successful business outcomes.

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