Jul 22 2020

Efficient IT, Effective Multicloud Strategies: What to Expect from CDW’s Tech Talk

Balancing IT needs for empowering remote workforces with cost constraints in trying economic times is crucial for business success.

Many looked at 2020 as a benchmark year. The beginning of a new decade, it was an opportunity for people and businesses alike to look back on their work, assess their progress and set new goals. With the Summer Olympics and a presidential election on tap, it was already slated to be an eventful year.

But few could have anticipated how daily life has been turned on its head by the global health crisis. Carmakers became personal protective equipment producers as businesses sent employees home to work remotely indefinitely, and it was time for IT departments to shine.

Organizations needed to get devices and networking and collaboration capabilities to their workers quickly to maintain productivity and ensure business continuity. In that whirlwind, many had to make purchases or increase resources in a way they hadn’t planned during a time of economic uncertainty.

In the first installment of CDW’s Tech Talk Series, “Reinforcing Business Stability and IT Cost Control,” virtual attendees will hear from industry leaders and experts from July 27 through 29 as they dive deeper into how IT can play a critical role in optimizing operations during changing times. 

IT Turns Its Focus to Optimization

There was a time when business leaders and IT departments weren’t always aligned. Decisions would be made by leadership and handed down to technology heads to execute. Slowly but surely, IT has gained more of a footprint in executive leadership, with CIOs and CISOs getting involved in businesses decisions and strategies.

That trend became more important than ever amid this year’s major disruptions. Huge shifts in the economy and workforce have pushed leaders to think more creatively about ways to deliver value to their organizations, and IT has an opportunity to play a large role. 

Things like optimizing workflows and productivity, as well as automating tasks, can have a major impact on a business’s bottom line. Tech Talk attendees will hear about how leaders should approach these challenges and harness IT for what it can be: a valuable strategic resource. 

How to Make Multicloud Efficient and Effective

When businesses began widespread remote work, they necessarily put more attention on their use of the cloud. Employees suddenly needed to access their files and applications from anywhere, and businesses needed to ensure they could effectively collaborate. This included expanding existing cloud capacity and pivoting to new opportunities. 

Putting together these tools within budget constraints can often lead organizations to multicloud environments. To save money, businesses will use different vendors and providers for different needs, piecing together an infrastructure that relies on many partners to operate. 

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While that can save money, it can also lead to more complex IT environments. Tech Talk attendees will learn about how to balance these realities while maintaining a stable, secure network — all while staying under budget in a changing business climate. 

Handling the IT Infrastructure Costs of Disruptions

Maintaining business costs while enabling productivity during disruptive times calls for great balance: balance between user experience and security, between collaboration and complexity, and possibly most important, between necessary solutions and budget constraints. 

Tech Talk attendees will glean practical insights and recommendations to help rein in costs while supporting distributed workforces. With the right technology and leadership, organizations can ensure that they’ll be prepared not only to get through this time but also to remain resilient for the future. 

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