Apr 30 2020

What to Expect from Knowledge 2020

ServiceNow’s signature event has gone virtual, and that’s not the only thing that’s different this year.

Few things are more important to organizations’ IT departments right now than maintaining digital workflows. With two-thirds of employees now working from home at least some of the time, ensuring business continuity among workers who may be thousands of miles away from each other is paramount.

These current circumstances are bringing a new timeliness to Knowledge 2020, ServiceNow’s big annual event. Like many others, the event has had to make adjustments amid strict social distancing guidelines, but there will still be plenty of training sessions and keynote speakers to satisfy attendees. 

The event, which is now virtual, has added a number of new elements to serve those attending in this tumultuous time. Whether you’re trying to get the most out of your ServiceNow products or simply want to stay on top of the latest digital workspace trends, Knowledge 2020 has a little something for everyone.

What's New to K20 This Year

Like many industry events that were originally scheduled to be live over the past couple of months, Knowledge 2020 is now a digital event. Attendees, who can register for free, will have access to various keynote speeches, breakout sessions and workshops that will help them understand the full scope of ServiceNow’s uses as well as industry trends as a whole.

The other major difference this year is that the event is just a tad longer — six weeks, to be exact. All of the experiences that attendees are accustomed to having in person will run from May 5 through the week of June 8, with sessions being refreshed every week. While many of the sessions will be “live,” they’ll also be available afterward, so attendees can soak it in on their own time.

In addition to the workshops and keynotes that attendees have come to expect, Knowledge 2020 is also debuting a new Thought Leadership program at this year’s event. This content will go beyond the ServiceNow landscape and speak to broader trends that are affecting customers’ everyday lives, such as sustainability, artificial intelligence and how to provide an excellent customer experience.  

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A Look at What’s Ahead for ServiceNow

During the CDW Future of Work Virtual SummIT, there was a lot of discussion about the future of work having arrived. Widespread remote work has given businesses a glimpse of what their working situations could be like with advanced collaboration technologies, mobility and networking solutions.

Those discussions are likely to continue into Knowledge 2020, particularly with the addition of the Thought Leadership program. Workers and leaders alike are looking for inspiration and direction through this transition, in addition to trying to build a culture and workflow that can withstand long-term remote work. 

ServiceNow is also adjusting to the change. To help customers navigate this time, at least one of the event’s keynote speeches will detail how the company is using its own products to power its remote workforce. There will also be new feature and product announcements, as always, to bookend the conference.

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