Feb 14 2020

Making the Most of Mobile Collaboration

Today’s workforces are more mobile than ever. Businesses need the right technology to keep everyone on the same page.

Work has expanded beyond the confines of corporate offices. According to recent survey data, 62 percent of American employees now work remotely, with 30 percent doing so full time.

This shift to offsite work yields benefits for both sides: A two-year Stanford study found that staffers working from home were more productive, were more likely to put in a full day’s work and took less time off. Meanwhile, a survey from FlexJobs found that 86 percent feel less stressed working outside the office and 76 percent are more likely to stay with employers that offer flexible, remote scheduling.

But these positive outcomes don’t happen without active corporate oversight; companies must manage the moving parts of place, power and people to ensure staffers feel connected, IT integration is effective and project deadlines are met.

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Jay Yuno/Getty