Dec 05 2019

5 Ways Digital Signs Improve the Customer Experience at Bank Branches

Video displays can make financial institutions more attractive and approachable.

When Mountain America Credit Union, a full-service financial institution based in Utah, wanted to transform the member experience at its branches with an open-concept venue, the institution turned to Samsung video walls and digital displays to guide people through the experience.

“We wanted open areas where our employees can sit down and work with members on their financial needs,” said Jeremy Nelson, Mountain America vice president of direct marketing. “And we needed something that made a strong visual impact on members from the moment they walked through our front doors.”

The credit union is just one of many financial institutions embracing digital signage to better communicate their messaging and enhance the customer experience. Here are some of the top use cases for digital signage for financial institutions.

1. Video Walls Highlight Financial Services

The cornerstone of Mountain America Credit Union’s digital signage investment is an immersive, three-section video wall built with 19 Samsung UD Series direct-lit LED displays. The three sections are synchronized to display images with accompanying audio, and they showcase custom content about the credit union’s products and services. The institution adopted the display not only to better serve its existing customers inside the branch, but also to potentially lure in passersby.

“It’s all about the member experience,” Nelson said. “The first thing people see when they walk in is a huge video wall that entertains and educates them about our products and our philosophy. Even if you’re driving by, you can’t help but want to come in and see what’s inside.”

2. ATM Screens Deliver Focused and Targeted Messages

By incorporating screens into their ATMs, banks can convey messages to customers in the few seconds they spend waiting to receive their money, LG notes. While this is, of course, a brief interaction, it is also an opportunity to reach customers who rarely, if ever, go inside a bank branch, giving financial institutions a chance to reach a much broader swath of their customer base on a more regular basis. Since ATM interactions are very short in duration, these messages must be focused and targeted.

3. Community Boards Provide a Collective Resource

An update on the old bulletin boards covered in fliers advertising bake sales and fun runs, a digital community board located inside a bank branch can keep customers informed about local news and events. This type of solution can reinforce the sense that a bank branch is an important community resource. Some studies indicate that when a branch features digital signage, nearly 90 percent of customers say that their bank is “trustworthy.” 

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4. Welcome Displays Orient Customers to a Bank

LG notes that customers are spending only five to 10 minutes on average during their visits to bank branches, meaning that financial institutions must communicate their messages as quickly and effectively as possible. One prime place to do this with digital signage is in the branch’s welcome area, where customers can be greeted with “a network of large-format digital signage designed to help inform and guide them to the appropriate place inside.”

These screens also might show local news and weather content. When done well, LG states, the benefits of digital signage inside bank branches can include reduced staffing needs, lower training costs, increased customer satisfaction and increased deposits and sales of financial products.

5. Front-of-Building Signage Engages Passersby

Finally, financial institutions shouldn’t overlook digital signage opportunities at the front of their bank branch buildings, where high-impact, brand-building content can be displayed on the storefront window or affixed to the exterior of the building. More so than with traditional, static signage, content displayed on these digital signs can quickly engage potential customers and present a call to action to visit either the physical branch or the bank’s website for more information.

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