At HPE Discover 2018, Aruba Networks unveiled today a new solution for deploying software-defined networking at branch locations.

Jun 19 2018

HPE Discover 2018: Aruba Networks Unveils New Solution for SDN at Branch Locations

The solution aims to help businesses more easily manage their networks across many locations.

Aruba Networks unveiled today a new solution for deploying software-defined networking at branch locations. The solution integrates Aruba Branch Gateways with the Aruba Central cloud management platform to deliver a “single pane of glass” for network operators to manage SD-WAN, wired and wireless networks and policy enforcement across dozens or even thousands of stores or branch locations.

Speaking at HPE Discover 2018 in Las Vegas, Aruba and HPE officials said the SD-Branch solution is designed to address the growing management complexity and security challenge for operators of networks across many locations. Such companies, which include retailers, banks and restaurants, among others, are often working with small (and shrinking) IT staffs at a time when more devices and people are seeking to access their networks, and businesses are relying more than ever on cloud-based services.

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Role-Based Security Is Built In

The HPE-owned Aruba said the solution provided “simplicity at enterprise scale” by allowing managers to onboard new branches easily through a mobile app and manage the entire network through a single portal. Moreover, network managers can define access and security policies at the network level and easily push them out networkwide.

That’s especially useful in security, said Larry Lunetta, a vice president of marketing for HPE. Using Aruba’s ClearPass policy manager, which is built into the SD-Branch solution, network managers can put both people and devices onto their networks, allowing each to access only those assets defined as appropriate by organization policy. A retail store manager and store associate would both have access to the same network, but only the manager would be able to access each day’s sales figures, for example, Lunetta said.

“The beauty of this solution is that policy follows the user,” he said. “And it can be defined once and propagated across all the branches.”

Corey Hasberry, IT manager for retail chain Vera Wang, an early adopter, said the “role-based security for our Wi-Fi and WAN infrastructure will help us bring a consistent experience to our employees and customers.”


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