Aug 18 2016

Why Businesses Can Trust Office 365 with Their Data

Microsoft and Trend Micro collaboratively develop security solutions that reach deep into Office 365 to provide unparalleled security.

Almost every organization around the world depends on Microsoft’s wide range of products. From operating systems and office productivity software, to Windows servers and Surface tablets, Microsoft products power the modern enterprise. As more organizations move to the cloud, Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform and Office 365 cloud productivity solution present even more options for Microsoft adoption. Microsoft has made the security of its products a top priority, but the ubiquitous nature of its software makes it a target, leading enterprise security teams to be justifiably concerned about maintaining the security of their Microsoft implementations. Trend Micro’s long relationship with Microsoft has led to the development of numerous products that address these concerns.

A Partnership That Works for You

Trend Micro and Microsoft have a rich history of working together that dates back more than two decades. The strategic partnership between them means that both organizations share information and strategies as well as a common goal: providing customers with a safe and secure computing experience that leverages state-of-the-art security technology to protect valuable information and technology resources.

Microsoft’s global team of security professionals invests a tremendous amount of time, talent and resources in the development of innovative security technology across the company’s product lines. This team consistently deploys security tools that are native to Microsoft platforms and provide customers with deeper capabilities to proactively secure systems, detect intrusion attempts and remediate security vulnerabilities. Trend Micro’s products don’t replace these solutions; they enhance them to provide even greater value. Enterprises that adopt Microsoft products begin with a tremendous security foundation and may then achieve even greater security for systems and data by implementing Trend Micro’s sophisticated solutions. Trend Micro products leverage and build on Microsoft technology to provide protection against advanced threats and prevent data loss.

Trend Micro and Office 365

The Office 365 productivity suite provides users with access to enterprise email, calendaring and collaboration in the cloud. Organizations migrating to Office 365 free themselves of the burden of maintaining on-premises email servers and gain the advantage of immediate upgrades as Microsoft releases new features. Trend Micro’s Cloud App Security product integrates directly with Office 365 to provide added assurance to securely work with sensitive information in the cloud.

After only six months on the market, Cloud App Security detected and blocked more than 500,000 threats destined for customer inboxes. Cloud App Security provides this protection by continuously scanning the contents of email messages, OneDrive and SharePoint content, including Office 365 documents, for the presence of advanced malware. The product leverages sandbox-based malware analysis, document exploit detection and web reputation scoring to provide customers with the full benefit of Trend Micro’s 15 years of experience securing Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint environments.

Cloud App Security is the only Office 365 security add-on that leverages direct cloud-to-cloud integration to provide enhancements to the built-in security features of Office 365. Unlike products that simply redirect messages through a hosted service, Cloud App Security accesses the Microsoft application programming interface to reach directly into Office 365 and provide an integrated approach to enterprise security. This direct integration offers a significant advantage over other products because it allows Trend Micro to protect every email message sent or received within an enterprise, even those sent between two internal users. Products that use the redirect option never see those internal messages because they are delivered directly to inboxes within the Office 365 environment.

Organizations handling sensitive and regulated information also benefit from the data loss prevention features available within Cloud App Security. The product includes more than 200 DLP templates that allow organizations to immediately begin scanning email messages, OneDrive documents and SharePoint content for the presence of unsecured compliance-related information. Administrators can choose to automatically quarantine file sharing content for further analysis, reducing the likelihood of a security breach.

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  • offers a compromise solution for enterprises still running Windows Server 2003 systems
  • secures on-premises messaging and collaboration platforms

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