Apr 14 2016

How Mobilizing the Nonprofit Workforce Drives Productivity [#Infographic]

Mobility solutions provide task-management and telecommuting capabilities that empower nonprofit employees to work better and increase their impact.

Forced to stretch slim budgets, nonprofits always aim to do more with less. That’s where mobility steps in.

Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices create new efficiencies within the workplace. And by providing a means of assigning and monitoring tasks, mobile workforce management solutions make the technology even more potent: Nonprofits can streamline daily processes, coordinate staff activities and increase visibility across departments.

Mobility also drives productivity by enabling workers to telecommute. According to statistics gathered for a CDW infographic, remote employees are almost twice as likely to clock in more than 40 hours during the workweek; they’re also 20 percent more productive than those who come into the office.

Of course, these benefits don’t come without a price. As nonprofits move to a mobilized workforce, IT professionals must devote time and energy to protecting, managing and controlling devices. A mobile device management (MDM) platform can not only simplify these tasks but also ease IT managers’ concerns about device security and data breaches by incorporating encryption, remote wipe and other safeguards.

Check out the CDW infographic below for more insights into mobile workforce management and MDM solutions.