Dec 22 2015

Wireless Displays Streamline Setups for Meetings

IT managers say wireless adapters offer an easy way to connect to large screens.

At many companies, meetings never start on time because the IT or audio-visual person needs to come in, set up multiple connections to a projector or high-definition TV and make sure everyone can project from their computers.

It doesn’t have to be that way anymore, says Dan Dorato, chief technology officer for New York–based production company Vector Media.

Vector Media deployed Apple TV adapters on HDTVs in seven conference rooms across six locations. Now, employees and guests can easily connect to the large HDTV screens via Wi-Fi. The adapters are always on, so meetings start immediately instead of taking several minutes to set up. People can visit a conference room at any Vector location and connect instantly.


The resolution and frame rate for the Actiontec ScreenBeam Pro Business Edition for enterprise deployments

SOURCE: Actiontec, “Actiontec Launches the First Receiver for Intel Pro Wireless Display – Bringing Wireless Display to the Enterprise,” January 2015

“About 99 percent of our users are on Apple devices, so the Apple TV adapters made the most sense for us,” Dorato says. In the rare event that someone brings in a Windows or Android device, he installs specialized client software to enable the user to project his or her computer on the screen.

In addition, a management feature in the company’s Cisco Meraki wireless network also lets him troubleshoot issues remotely. “If someone can’t connect to the Apple TV, we can send a command to a device to begin an Apple AirPlay session,” Dorato explains. “People think of Apple products as consumer-only devices, but they have become very enterprise-focused.”

Brett Sappington, director of research for Parks Associates, says that as smartphones and tablets become the norm at most organizations, organizations are beginning to deploy wireless display technology in the workplace.  

“It used to be that people would take technology from work and bring it home, but now the pendulum has swung, and technology driven by consumers has made it to the office,” Sappington says. “I look for wireless displays to catch on anywhere knowledge workers are present, be it schools or colleges, government agencies or general businesses.”

Meetings Made Easy  

Keith Schoolcraft, CEO of A Couple of Gurus, says setting up meetings has become easier since the consultancy deployed Actiontec ScreenBeam adapters about six months ago.

“We use it a lot when we present to customers who come visit,” Schoolcraft says. “The wireless ScreenBeam adapters really clear up a lot of the table clutter.” The outsourced network infrastructure company keeps the adapters active so visitors and staff can start up quickly.

“It really solves a very simple problem,” Schoolcraft says. “People come to meetings with multiple notebooks and need a way to easily connect.”   


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