Sep 01 2015

Every Company Must Be a Technology Company

Businesses must embrace technology for speed, efficiency and security — or risk becoming uncompetitive.

Every company should consider becoming a technology company. That may sound extreme, but it’s the reality of today’s business environment. That doesn’t mean every company needs to produce technology. Instead, businesses must embrace technology for speed, efficiency and security — or risk not being able to compete.

In this issue, the technology adoption imperative presents itself within businesses across a variety of industries.

Medical device supplier ChoiceSpine is removing paper processes at its Knoxville, Tenn.-based business to gain agility. The company will rely on FileBound, a content management application, to improve workflow.

“I would say, easily, we can get over 90 percent of our paper gone,” says Jason Uebel, technical project manager at ChoiceSpine. For more, see “3 Small Businesses Embrace a Paperless Future.”

In “City-Sized Networks Rule Today's Trade Show Circuit,” learn how custom networks power today’s conference and trade show circuit. Atlanta-based showNets, which builds a city-sized network for the Electronic Entertainment Expo, shares lessons applicable to any business.

“We stay ahead of the curve on technology so we’re always able to provide and take advantage of the newest features and improve our ability to support high-density wireless,” says showNets Chief Technology Officer Wayne Bishop.

Security Threats Within

International hackers may get the headlines, but many threats lurk closer to home. In “Regional Banks Face Off Against Hackers,” read how Wisconsin’s Nicolet National Bank uses next-generation firewalls and cloud-based analysis to monitor networks across 23 branches.

“I’ve read that one in four organizations will likely be breached in the next two years,” says Jon Biskner, vice president of IT, Nicolet National. “That alone should convince everyone how important it is to stay on top of security.”

While businesses can’t prevent every insider incident, there are straightforward ways to protect data and detect breaches faster. Read “How to Defend Against Insider Threats” to learn how.

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