Sep 01 2015

Apple and Cisco Partner to Establish Fast Lane for iOS Devices

With iPhones and iPads flooding corporate networks, the two companies have joined forces to optimize the experience.

It's no secret that Apple's iPhone was one of the key drivers of the BYOD movement that many IT shops find themselves either embracing or facing up against. The popularity of that particular smartphone led many employees to eschew the company-issued devices. Now, in a partnership announced by both Cisco Systems and Apple, the two companies are actively collaborating to ensure that iOS devices work faster, better and stronger on enterprise networks than ever before, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal.

This so-called "fast lane," will allow enterprises to prioritize connections "so critical business applications aren’t compromised by streaming cat videos and other nonbusiness fare." Additionally, the two companies will be teaming up to ensure that work directories and contact lists on the iPhone can live together in harmony.


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