Sep 17 2014

The Technology Concerns That Bank Leaders Have [#Infographic]

A recent survey finds that banks are still challenged with integrating IT into their operations.

These days, banks aren't struggling with understanding the value of technology in their organizations. What they are wrestling with is how to integrate technology strategically into their organizations and elevate the visibility of technology at the board level.

CDW sponsored the Bank Director 2014 Growth Survey and in the study, only 30 percent of the bank leaders who responded said their boards discuss technology at every meeting, reports the CDW FinTalk blog. If technology isn't top of mind in your organization all the time, how strategic can it really be to your company's success?

Based on the survey results, the FinTalk blog created an infographic highlighting the major IT concerns of bank leaders. The top three are:

  • Core processor delaying innovation
  • The evolution of mobile
  • Data analytics

To learn more, check out the full infographic below.

Nick White/Digital Vision/ThinkStockPhotos