Sep 04 2014

The BizTech Index: Mobility Through the Years

Business mobility: Over the past three decades, working on the go has changed dramatically.

1981: Osborne 1

The first commercially successful “portable” computer, tipped the scales at 23.5 pounds.

Osborne 1

1994: IBM Simon Personal Communicator

The original smartphone, combined a PDA and cellphone in a slimmed-down 8x2.5x1.5-inch form.

2010: Apple iPad

Apple iPad, the first truly successful tablet, weighed in at 1.5 pounds and leapfrogged decades of development by other manufacturers.

2014: The Samsung Galaxy S5

Not unlike a portable briefcase, offers 16GB of storage (up to 128GB through removable storage) at a heft of 5.1 ounces.