May 08 2014

LinkedIn Teams Up with Evernote for Mobile Business Card Scanning

If you've ever been to a conference and racked up a stack of business cards, you know the pain of trying to digitize all of that information. LinkedIn has had its own solution to this for a while with its CardMunch app, which allows users to snap pictures of the paper business cards they have and link them with the person's LinkedIn profile. But now LinkedIn is going with a more automated approach in a partnership it announced with Evernote, reports CITE World.

The old CardMunch app relied on actual humans to read the information in the photos and make the correct matches back to a LinkedIn profile. This resulted in delays for the end-user and raised security concerns for others. But Evernote's solution gets rid of the human element.

It's almost like CRM for people you meet at parties. It's totally searchable, Evernote promises, and entirely automated. At no point do any of their employees look at these business cards, which means that you'll finally have something in common with Evernote employees.


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