Apr 16 2014

Ensure Uptime Is in Your Data Center Forecast [#Infographic]

Power and cooling solutions support disaster recovery and create cost savings and operational efficiencies for businesses.

If an outage hits your data center because of bad weather, a hardware glitch or a downed power line, can your company weather the storm?

Unexpected heat spikes can send temperatures soaring in as little as one hour. Overheated IT equipment can quickly lead to downtime, and without a tested backup or failover plan in place, an unplanned outage could mean a significant revenue loss for the company.

Failing to plan for increased power and cooling needs can increase the likelihood of these outage scenarios, because outdated solutions will struggle to keep up with the more demanding workload. According to data compiled by CDW in an infographic, 45 percent of IT executives have run out of space, power or cooling in the past two years. So it clearly pays to plan ahead.

Many IT departments don’t put as much investment and emphasis on shoring up their data center’s power and cooling. In fact, experts recommend that companies spend 66 cents on power and cooling for every $1.00 spent on new hardware.

To learn more about how your organization can build a power and cooling foundation that can last, check out the infographic from CDW below.

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