Mar 31 2014

For Businesses of All Sizes: It’s a Mobile World

Determine mobility strategies now with help from a new app.

Mobility is a fact of life for all businesses today. Whether a company is small, medium or large, ubiquitous mobile devices certainly boost productivity at all levels.

Regrettably, the mobile trend also provides the IT pros tasked with supporting the often-diverse array of smartphones and tablets with a host of management and security headaches. Not only must the devices themselves be secured from prying eyes, so too do the applications that run on them — and the networks they connect to.

Businesses can’t necessarily count on users to play an active roll in helping to secure their mobile devices, however. As a Consumer Reports survey reveals, almost 40 percent of smartphone users don’t employ even minimal security precautions. Further, a Lookout analysis of 15 million mobile phone users reveals that the typical U.S. consumer loses — on average — one handset a year. That’s a lot of personal, private and work data lying around, waiting to fall into the wrong hands.

So what’s an overburdened IT professional to do?

CDW’s new Technology Insights app currently features Total Mobility Management, an interactive guide that provides easy access to best practices and articles, videos, reference guides, white papers, infographics and more, addressing all aspects of mobile device management.

This interactive guide is a good assistant when planning an overall mobile strategy, and explains how to more effectively procure, provision, protect and support enterprise and employee mobile devices. The guide also helps IT discover how to empower employees to get the most out of their tablets and smartphones.

The application is designed for users at all experience levels — from those who are new to the mobility management mindset to those looking to get the most out of their current deployments.

The CDW Tech Insights App is available on the following devices: