Feb 03 2014

12 IT Jobs You Might Want to Pursue in 2014 [#Infographic]

Infrastructure positions in networking and cloud are hot, as are roles in mobile and web development.

As the U.S. economy continues to march forward toward a knowledge-based economy, the demand for bright minds and skills in IT has grown steadily. But not all areas of IT are still in demand. For example, if you were working exclusively as a Flash developer, it’s highly likely that you’ve expanded your horizons since the demand for Flash work is shrinking.

K Alliance, an online-based training and IT education company, has compiled a list of 12 of the top IT jobs and included useful information about average salaries for each position and the education and certification required for each.

Some of the jobs that made the list, such as cloud architect, mobile application developer and web developer aren’t surprising given the increasing number of resources shifting to those areas of IT. But hardware is alive and well with the inclusion of the mechanical engineer, who primarily leads research design, building and testing of new hardware. Given the mounting interest in robotics, there seems to be plenty of room for opportunity in this position.

Check out the full infographic from K Alliance below to learn more.

Top IT Jobs in Business