Nov 06 2013

HP Wants to Be Your Tablet’s SmartFriend

The PC giant now offers support service for iOS and Android mobile devices.

HP has extended its 24/7 SmartFriend troubleshooting and support service to tablet users, according to an official announcement from the company last month.  In the past, the support and troubleshooting service has supported Windows, Chrome OS and Mac OS X desktops and notebooks but previously left tablet users running Android OS, Windows and Apple’s iOS devices in the dark.

Subscribed customers may contact the service to help install new software, remove malware and solve general PC performance issues. SmartFriend incorporates secure remote access so HP specialists can take control of a computer to resolve problems in real time. 

“Most people own several devices made by multiple technology companies,” notes HP in its SmartFriend announcement. “With supporting operating systems including Microsoft Windows, Chrome OS and OSX, and tablets running Android OS, Windows, and Apple iOS, customers can turn to HP SmartFriend services to troubleshoot whatever technology issues they have across various brands and devices.”

Since support is only delivered over the web or by phone, however, don’t expect a specialist to assist you in person with hardware problems that may require a more skilled set of hands than your own. In those cases, it would still be best to have your tablet and PC serviced in person by an Apple Genius or CDW’s Repair Center, for instance.

Nonetheless, SmartFriend may be a good option for some tablet owners whose tablets are out of warranty. Although targeted at consumers, SmartFriend should be suitable as a PC and tablet support option for fledgling businesses just getting off the ground without an IT expert on hand.

Service plans start at $9.99 per month and can be purchased by an individual or subscription basis. Plan options range from Complete for one PC or tablet device to Family with support for up to four devices.