Sep 18 2013

Growing Number of Mobile Devices in the Workplace Placing a Strain on IT [#Infographic]

New CDW study finds that IT is faced with significant challenges in supporting the growing number of mobile workers.

When people chatter and buzz about the great flexibility and user benefits of the bring-your-own-device revolution, the impact of these mobile devices on the IT team is often forgotten.

That's partly because BYOD is supposed to free IT of dealing and managing mobile devices, which may be true for some organizations. But the security and network implications of all of those devices invading the corporate network should remain on every IT worker's radar.

CDW recently released its "Mobility at Work" report which surveyed 1,200 IT professionals about the rise of mobility in their organizations and how it's impacted their work.

The overwhelming majority say that the BYOD era has not been completely problem free. According to the survey, 92 percent of IT workers said that they encountered challenges with personal devices in the workplace. Issues with security, as expected, ranked high on the list with 55 percent citing device data security as a concern. But network latency was also a hurdle for IT as 39 percent said they saw increased network latency as a major impact of supporting more mobile devices.

But the technology itself is only half the battle. The people using and maintaining the technology need to communicate and work together if mobility is going to work for everybody. Right now, users and IT aren't making the grade. According to the survey, 56 percent of users give IT a grade of C or worse for personal device support. And IT workers are hard on themselves too, with only 18 percent giving their own BYOD policies and support an A.

Check out the infographic below for more information on CDW's "Mobility at Work" report

Mobility at Work