Jun 25 2013

Seen and Heard at Cisco Live — Day 2

Security, Big Data and a lot of tweeting. Here's the best of the second day of Cisco Live 2013.

What happens when 20,000 of the world's most innovative technologists get together? A lot of creative thinking, of course, but also a bit of zaniness.

A few things stood out on day two of Cisco Live. First, many presenters and attendees emphasized the business value of technology. As technology evolves from tools to services, IT departments will increasingly be asked to act as strategists — becoming brokers of technology to their businesses.

Security is another hot topic. The volume of data is growing faster than most companies can keep up with. Many want to leverage Big Data to drive innovation but need a secure place to store and analyze that data. Every company has access to at least some sensitive data, another resource that must be protected either in the cloud or on secure servers.

How will business operations evolve in the coming years? There are too many views to capture here, but we can be sure that changes are coming. We look to the experts, many of whom are tweeting their views from the floor at Cisco Live. Here are some of the best tweets from the second day.

Lessons Learned:

Seen and Heard:

Cisco CEO John Chambers Keynote:

Cisco Futurist Dave Evans Keynote:

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