Mar 13 2013

Protect Your Enterprise from Mobile Intruders [#Infographic]

The increase of mobile devices in the enterprise has lead to more breaches than ever.

Secure your smartphones, secure your tablets and secure your notebooks because they’re stealing everybody’s mobile devices out here.

If that first sentence sounds a bit drastic (and Atoine Dodson inspired) that’s because it was meant to be. The number of thefts and hacks affecting enterprises has grown substantially in the last few years, in direct correlation with the increase of mobile devices used by these businesses.

Software company Novell published an infographic to highlight the threats against mobile devices in the enterprise.

In the minute or so it takes you to skim through this article, 113 cellphones in the United States will become lost or stolen. Within a week’s time more than 12,000 notebooks and tablets will be stolen, with more than half of these thefts occurring in the workplace.

So, if you’re like the average road warrior and travel with over 20 tech accessories, then you have good reason to worry because only 4 percent of smartphones and tablets are equipped with security solutions.

Novell suggests five ways to secure your devices:

  1. Use your own hotspot
  2. Keep your device on or near you at all times
  3. Invest in physical security like a notebook lock
  4. Encrypt all data and secure networks
  5. Never leave devices logged into networks, email, or websites

Check out the full infographic below.

Novell mobile security infographic