Jan 25 2013

Why Your Smartphone Should Be Employee of the Month [#Infographic]

Have some tasks to take care of? Hire your smartphone.

It used to be that only top-level executives and actor Will Arnett had personal assistants. But, now anyone with a smartphone and a to-do list can turn to a mobile personal assistant to help take care of business.

Unlike a human personal assistant, mobile personal assistants are always available. Unless your battery dies. Then you’re on your own again.

Nuance Communications, a provider of voice and language solutions for businesses and consumers, surveyed 1,001 consumers from ages 18 to 45 to learn how they would use mobile personal assistants and created an infographic of the results.

A majority of respondents (87 percent) use their mobile personal assistants at least once a week. For women, saving time and multitasking are the biggest benefits of mobile personal assistants. Men list the ability to be hands-free as the biggest benefit of their mobile personal assistants.

The most popular tasks assigned to mobile personal assistants are getting driving directions, sending text messages and searching the Web.

Although mobile personal assistants work hard, 80 percent of users would like their assistants to put in extra overtime by traveling with them across all devices.

Looking to employ the help of a mobile personal assistant? Check out the full infographic below for credentials.

Nuance mobile personal assistant