Nov 19 2012

Mobile Superheroes: They Work Among Us [#Infographic]

Learn how to identify the superconnected mobile elite in your organization.

Crime-fighting superheroes have all the fun, wearing their masks and capes and flying around town in invisible jets. But there are real-life superheroes in the workplace too. They just use smartphones and tablets to work anywhere, anytime, instead of gadgets from the Bat belt.

Today’s mobile superhero can download applications faster than a speeding bullet, has a Wi-Fi connection more powerful than a locomotive and is able to e-mail, tweet and set up a web conference in a single bound.

Yes, you may be working with a member of the mobile elite, an illustrious crew of super-employees who are proving to be a force for change for IT departments across the planet.

Unisys and Forrester Research have teamed up to identify the traits of these superconnected and highly innovative workers to help organizations unmask the mobile superheroes who work among them.

For example, the mobile elite are twice as likely to spend their own money to buy personal technology to get work done. In fact, 67 percent of these super-employees say that using their own applications and devices makes them more productive.

Unfortunately, every superhero has a weakness: Mobile elites, while unfazed by Kryptonite, are twice as likely as the average worker to download unauthorized apps — despite the fact that 75 percent of firms prohibit such behavior. Considering the prevalence of Dropbox Syndrome, this really is a super-flaw.

Check out the infographic via Mashable below to learn more about the mobile elite.

mobile superhero infographic


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