Nov 15 2012

It’s a Scary World Wide Web: A Look at Cybercrime by the Numbers [#Infographic]

When it comes to the Internet, no one is safe. Luckily, everyone can be more protected.

Cybercrime is more than cause for concern — it is cause for action.

More than half of all Internet users globally have fallen prey to cybercrimes in the form of viruses, stolen credit card numbers and identity theft, according to data compiled by Mashable. In the United States alone, the number is 73 percent — third only to China and Brazil.

Businesses have fared even worse than consumers. In a survey conducted by the Ponemon Institute, 90 percent of U.S. companies reported that their systems were breached at least once in the past 12 months.

One easy way to protect yourself against cybercrime is to add a few extra digits to your password. An 8-digit password with both uppercase and lowercase numbers and symbols will take a hacker 463 years to crack, according to Mashable.

Take a look at their infographic below to learn more about cybercrime.

Cybercrime infographic