Nov 06 2012

How Search Advertising Drives Business [#Infographic]

Companies gained more customers for less money in Q3 2012 with the help of search advertising.

Google makes more than $100 million a day with search advertising, which means big money for advertisers and the economy. Google’s average cost per click, or CPC, has declined since the last quarter, dropping 18.2 percent to $0.35 for Google Display Network ads and 16.5 percent to $0.53 for Google Search ads. But this decline is an opportunity for businesses to gain more customers for less money.

In a recent infographic, pay-per-click management software company WordStream shared Google’s key advertising metrics for Q3 2012 across its top industries.

The finance industry spent the most on Google ads in Q3 2012. The industry boasted the highest Google Search CPC at $3.09, as well as the most conversions: 1.39 million completed sales a day.

The shopping industry enjoyed a big return from search advertising in Q3 2012. It had the highest Google Search click-through rate (CTR) with 5.23 percent, putting the shopping industry above the average 3.47 percent CTR across all industries.

Check out the full infographic below to learn more about how businesses in various industries are using search advertising for their marketing.

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