Nov 12 2012

How Are Airports Employing Social Media? [#Infographic]

Airports are just starting to take off when it comes to social media initiatives.

Nearly every person and business today has multiple social media profiles to communicate with friends and customers. According to research conducted by the consulting firm SimpliFlying, airports are no different. Fifty-five airports from all over the world offered insights into how they are budgeting for social media, measuring ROI and dealing with the challenges of communicating on this emerging channel.

The airports polled described a cautious approach to their new social media programs. Almost 56 percent said they were allocating fewer than 50 man-hours per month to social media. The vast majority, 83 percent, reported small social media staffing, with one to three staff members working on it.

The modest investments in time and personnel are related to the miniscule budget being set aside for social media. Airports have largely decided to keep funding for social media small as they slowly gain an understanding of how it contributes to overall brand engagement and customer service.

According to the survey data, 63.6 percent of airports are budgeting less than $10,000 to social media, while a tiny 3.6 percent are allocating more than $100,000.

To learn more about how airports are approaching social media, check out this infographic:

Social media Airports