Oct 16 2012

How to Evaluate Cloud Apps [Infographic]

Taking your business to the cloud? Here are some things to consider first.

If you think cloud computing is a fad, think again: Seventy-four percent of companies worldwide currently use some type of cloud service, such as web hosting, customer relationship management or e-commerce. By next year, the cloud computing market is expected to reach $150 billion.

With so many cloud apps available through software as a service (SaaS), businesses can find it difficult to determine which ones will best meet their company’s needs. Thankfully, Veracode, a cloud-based software security management platform, has put together an infographic to guide buyers through the decision-making process.

Pricing, features, functionality and service level agreements top Veracode’s list of things to consider. And because no two SaaS providers are alike, it’s also important that buyers examine each provider’s annual report, product roadmap, financial health and scalability.

Worried about data safety? You’re not alone: Seventy-five percent of businesses are concerned about the security and reliability of cloud services. Veracode recommends that buyers pay less attention to vendors’ claims and focus instead on the facts —specifically, physical data center security and policy and compliance measures — as they make their decisions.

Take a look at Veracode’s infographic below for more tips on investing in cloud apps.

Cloud Apps infographic