Sep 14 2012

The State of Battery Performance in Smartphones [Infographic]

Mobile devices provide users with freedom, but only as long as they’re charged.

The era of mobile computing has helped users everywhere break free from the chains of the desktop PC. With smartphones and tablets on hand, anyone can stay connected to work, friends or family anywhere, anytime.

But for all of the advancements in mobile technology, there’s still one thing that slows all of us down: the battery.

In order to keep a mobile device working, mobile users have to regularly plug in to the grid and charge their devices. Some devices are more energy efficient than others, but we still haven’t found the secret that would allow 24 hours of active use without recharging.

WDS, a Xerox company, took a look at the state of smartphone batteries for an infographic. It specifically looked to see if manufacturers provided thorough battery performance information for their devices.

According to WDS’ research, smartphone manufacturers could do a better job of providing a more realistic picture of battery life. For example, 74 percent of smartphone devices published battery performance estimates while the phone was in standby, but only 4 percent published information for when the phone was used for web browsing.

As a user, which data do you think is more useful? The standby stats or the web browsing stats? That’s precisely WDS’ point.

Check out WDS’ infographic on the state of smartphone battery performance below.

Battery performance in smartphones

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