Aug 17 2012

Say Hello to the Couch Executive Officer [Infographic]

There’s serious, impactful work being done on couches in living rooms across the world.

It’s not where you do your work that matters in 2012. Thanks to the ubiquity of the Internet, mobile computing and other remote-access solutions, workers across the world have been freed from the permanent bondage of an office.

Flexibility, choice and work-on-the-go have become requirements for most workers in this day and age. According to research done by Wakefield Research for Citrix, 32 percent of workers said they would trade their lunch breaks for the opportunity to work from home.

Onlinedegrees.com created an infographic that shows what all these couch potatoes are doing at home:

  • 4.3 percent of employees work primarily from home, according to data from 2010.
  • 35.6 percent of people working from home have at least a bachelor’s degree.
  • 44 percent of people work from home because they have fewer distractions there.
  • 34 percent of workers believe they are as productive at home as they are at the office.

Check out the full infographic form Onlinedegrees.com, below.

Working at home from the couch