Aug 22 2012

100-Percent Cloud Businesses Are the Real Deal

The cloud can do all of the heavy lifting for your business, if you let it.

The idea of going all-in on the cloud might seem terrifying at first, but there are some who are boldly going where few businesses have gone before.

We’re talking about 100-percent cloud businesses.

With SaaS, IaaS and PaaS solutions around to service nearly every need a small business might have, the future of this 100-percent club seems poised for growth.

Rick Blaisdell, chief technology officer at ConnectEDU, explained in a post on CloudTweaks why his organization is gung ho about the cloud:

Today, my company operates as a 100% cloud company, we have no physical servers. Internally, all of our servers that support our employees are 100% SaaS based. We have standardized on SaaS based applications, SalesForce for CRM and outsourced exchange as well as other SaaS based business applications. Externally, all of our customer applications leverage the fastest growing IaaS Managed Cloud platform and we then deliver pure SaaS or PaaS based systems to our customers. This allows us to achieve massive scalability while controlling our costs.

The single most important benefit of becoming a 100% cloud based company is for us to focus on our core competency. Cloud computing has eliminated the management of traditional software and hardware headaches, that now becomes the responsibility of an experienced SaaS vendor like Salesforce.com. IaaS now lets us leverage industry specific experts that manage a highly scalable, redundant and secure cloud computing platform and we pay for only what we use. Now, we can focus on what’s most important for our company: creating the best software in the education industry.

So here’s the question: Given Rick’s success with the cloud, would you consider making your company the newest member of the 100-percent club?