Jul 02 2012

Mobile Devices and Business Travelers: Too Much of a Good Thing? [Infographic]

Business travelers prove to be deeply in love with their mobile technology.

Mobile computers have been one of the biggest revolutions in technology since the invention of the personal computer. Whereas the user used to go to the computer, now the computer goes with the user. This allows users to multitask and communicate anywhere, anytime.

This is particularly useful for business people who are constantly on the go. Now, checking in is a matter of pulling out a mobile device and linking up with the information superhighway through mobile broadband.

But are we becoming too attached to our mobile devices?

PC Housing put together an infographic that highlights the degree to which business travelers are addicted to their mobile devices. According to the data they pulled, 59 percent of business travelers would feel distraught, disoriented or lonely if separated from their mobile devices for a week.

Check out the full infographic from PC Housing, below.

Mobile business travelers