Jul 16 2012

Las Vegas: The Next Startup Frontier? [Infographic]

Sin City could become better known as Startup City if some entrepreneurs have their way.

Believe it or not, Silicon Valley actually doesn’t have a lock on startup innovation and excellence. Sure, it’s been the hotbed of major startup winners like Facebook, Google and Instagram, but there’s more than enough innovation to go around in the United States.

New York City ranks as #2 in terms of America’s startup cities, but Las Vegas is generating buzz as a potential startup nirvana. Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, is looking to remake Vegas’s downtown into a startup incubator. He’s already pitching and luring entrepreneurs to the city, and the official Downtown Project site says that $50 million of the $350 million project will go to funding tech startups.

Picking up on this momentum, Walls 360, a graphics and signage firm based in Vegas, is trying to rally the troops with an infographic urging startups to make the move to Sin City.

Check out the full infographic from the firm, below.