Jun 13 2012

Shred Your Paper Trail, Save Your Business from Fraud [Infographic]

Virtual and physical data trails can inadvertently put your business at risk.

Document shredding is an old-school trick for securing confidential information on paper. If you think that document shredding is no longer important because we’re living in a digital world, think again.

Shred-it, a document destruction and data security company, put together an infographic highlighting how both digital and paper trails can leave behind information that can be used maliciously against your company.

Some of the highlights from the infographic state:

  • $7.2 million in damages is the amount that data breaches could cost organizations, according to the Ponemon Institute.
  • 47 percent of businesses underestimate the consequences of fraud.
  • 10 percent of breaches and investigations occur in places such as hotels.

Check out the full infographic from Shred-it, below.

by Shred-it. Browse more data visualizations.