May 25 2012

How Mobile Consumers Use Their Smartphones [Infographic]

Businesses have an opportunity to reach and engage with consumers on mobile devices.

The shift from the desktop to the mobile device is real and consumers are flocking to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets in increasing numbers. So how can businesses best reach these new mobile consumers? Google has some answers.

The company has put together a comprehensive look at mobile consumer behavior from its Our Mobile Planet smartphone research. There's a lot of data to comb through, so Google has condensed some of the highlights into an infographic.

Some of the highlights on from the research reveal that:

  • 44 percent of Americans own a smartphone.
  • 36 percent use a smartphone to research a product or a service.
  • 52 percent use a smartphone while watching TV.
  • 89 percent notice mobile advertising.
  • 94 percent look for local information on their smartphone.

Check out the full infographic from Google below.

Understanding mobile consumer behavior