May 09 2012

A History of Communication Through the Ages [Infographic]

Whether it's through cave paintings or Twitter, history shows that human beings have always discovered ways to share information.

Communication is a pretty universal trait among creatures in the animal kingdom. Dogs bark, cats meow, birds chirp and dolphins click. But human beings can write, talk, tweet, text, BBM, Face Time, e-mail, call and more. Do we overdo it or what?

Some of these newer technologies have replaced older forms of communication — we miss you, carrier pigeon — but the medium isn't the most important thing. The fact that we're able to transmit and receive messages is.

In an effort to examine and explore the far-reaching world of human communications, has assembled a history of human communications through the ages. The infographic starts with cave paintings and ends with Twitter. There's a whole lot of good stuff in between tweets and cave paintings, so check out the full infographic below.

Click to enlarge in full.

Human communication history infographic


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