May 16 2012

The Case for Work from Home Fridays [Infographic]

Telework and a four-day work week make a lot of sense when you look at the numbers.

Is there anything worse than being stuck in traffic on a congested street or highway for what seems like forever on a Friday morning?

No, not really. That's why more workers and business leaders are opting to give themselves a break from the daily commuting grind by jumping on board with the Work from Home Fridays campaign. The case for teleworking isn't hard to make for workers, as a recent survey found that 83 percent of respondents work from home at least a part of the day.

Splashtop, a remote desktop software service, has put together an infographic spotlighting the Work from Home Fridays initiative. Here are a few of the important benefits of working from home:

  • 10-20 percent increase in productivity
  • 76 percent of telecommuters are willing to put in extra time
  • 78 percent of managers think flexible working hours help retain and motivate key staff
  • 36 percent of workers would choose teleworking over a pay raise
  • 73 percent of workers say they eat healthier when they work from home

Check out the full infographic from Splashtop below.

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