Apr 11 2012

How the New iPad Consolidates Your Hardware Needs [Infographic]

More than just a tablet, Apple’s new iPad is replacing multiple devices.

Now in its third iteration, the iPad has quickly matured. It may have crept up on you, but the new iPad has actually proved to be a replacement for some of the hardware baggage we used to lug around.

With its beefed-up processor, high-definition resolution display, cloud syncing, healthy app ecosystem and 4G LTE connectivity, the new iPad packs a whole lot of function into one device.

It’s an e-reader, a digital camera, a video player, an Internet browser, a presentation display and so much more. Already, this multifunctionality is causing some to wonder if it’s worth toting around a notebook when a tablet might suffice.

NextWorth, a mobile-device recycler, has created a list of the devices that preceded — and in some cases are being replaced by — the new iPad. What portable technology of yours has the iPad replaced?

The new iPad streamlines your digital life