Apr 28 2012

BizTech's Top Five Stories for the Week of April 20, 2012

A roundup of the most popular stories published for the week of the 20th.

Security breaches can wreak havoc on a business from both a financial and operational standpoint. The sad part? Most of these breaches could have been prevented if simple or intermediate security measures had been put in place.

Check out this story and more from the week in BizTech below:

1. The State of IT Security: Hackers and Malware Go for the Breach [Infographic]


Data shows that 97 percent of breaches could have been prevented through simple or intermediate controls.

2. Mind the Mac: 8 Security Tips and Tricks

The myth that Macs don’t require security simply isn’t true.

3. Where Are the Startup Jobs in the U.S.? [Infographic]


If you're eager to start a company or work for a startup, these are the states you want to be in.

4. 802.11ac Wi-Fi: Coming to a Network Near You in 2012


The fifth generation of the Wi-Fi standard boasts up to three times the speed of Wireless N.

5. Privy: The Daily Deals Alternative that Businesses Control


Big guns like Groupon and LivingSocial aren’t always a perfect fit for small business, but startup Privy aims to get it right.


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