BizTech's Top Five Stories for the Week of April 13, 2012

A roundup of the most popular stories published for the week of the 13th.

Sometimes good ideas come before their time. That might have been the case with Apple's iPhone, which was conceptualized by Apple's design firm of choice, frog, back in 1983.

Check out this story and more from the week in BizTech below:

1. iPhone Concept Art from 1983 Shows Apple Was Ahead of Its Time

iPhone 1983 Concept Art

Noted Apple designer Hartmut Esslinger dreamed up the iPhone long before it became a reality.

2. Terry Bradshaw Is Coming to the Cloud

Terry Bradshaw Coming to the Cloud

Former NFL star and sports commentator will explore cloud computing on his TV show.

3. Google’s Project Glass Showcases the Allure of Augmented Reality

Google's project Glass

The innovators at Google are dreaming big by imagining a world where technology syncs with the human senses.

4. How the Instagram Cinderella Story Came Together [Infographic] 

Instagram gets to $1 billion

The photo sharing mobile application has sparked inspiration in the startup world with its $1 billion acquisition by Facebook.

5. The Cost of Lost Smartphones Around the World [Infographic]

The Cost of Lost Smartphones [infographic]

The mobile device of choice for many users is the smartphone, but its mobility also makes it prone to loss.

Apr 21 2012